Hadden Family :: Sacrament Photo, Columbus, Ohio

Two of my sisters married two guys who are brothers. Yes. Read it again if you have to, but yes. If you're thinking of lightning striking the same place twice, four leaf clovers, seeing two shooting stars or any other assumed impossibility, you're on the right track.

I don't know how other people feel about the statistical anomalies in their lives, but I absolutely love the this duo-marriage dynamic in our family. It makes for excellently competitive doubles ping-pong and a really good source of the embarrassing-childhood-story kind of leverage when arguing against one of the brothers.

It's because of my connection to my two brothers-in-law-who-are-also-brothers (phew!) that I had the pleasure of meeting the boys in these photos and their family. I was able to join them as they support their son's First Reconciliation in preparation for his First Communion, and it was delightful. 



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