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Erin + Tom :: Wedding Photography, Columbus, Ohio


Erin + Tom


The Magrees

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Catholic Youth Summer Camp :: Professional Photography, Columbus, Ohio


Catholic Youth Summer Camp @ Damascus Catholic Mission Campus

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Best of 2017

My favorite things about this year:

- Discovering the secret to shooting weddings pregnant is High-Protein, Low-Glycemic Luna Bars, Vitamin Water, and a turkey sandwich with basil mayo. You know. Basic.

- Watching Tim fight with the bounce

- Looking forward to shooting a wedding with my sister (more on this later)

- Planning and shooting our first ever styled shoot

- Working on our fun rebranding projects with talented people

- Shooting a stack of pancakes, then eating it

- And as always, witnessing people at their most intimate and seeing them form and foster relationships

All of these, but really, my favorite thing about running this little business this year has been the self-searching we had to do when we decided to keep things really running (and kicked up a notch) when we rebranded over the summer. It was then that we decided that our reason for doing what we do is to illuminate the beauty that God has planted in the world all around us.

As Fyodor Dostoyevsky said, "Beauty will save the world."

Enjoy these little slices of beauty, and thank you for allowing me to capture them on camera.


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Harry :: First Communion Photo, Columbus Ohio

Harry :: First Communion Photo, Columbus Ohio

The first thing I want to type here is this: the family, especially the two little boys, in these photos is so very joyful and caring. I've never left a party with pocketsful of Necco wafers (absolute favorite childhood candy, tied with Bottle Caps) but I was given the most delightful, sacrament-themed bag of goodies as I left this one. Just wonderfully inspiring and sweet (as in sugar).

The second thing I want to type here is that there are certain things I do when Edith is napping and certain things I never do when Edith naps. It has to do with how much I appreciate talking with people who have children and interests. That's redundant, you're thinking. Everyone has children and interests. But what I love is talking to mothers about how they exercise their talents while still offering their time and availability first to their children. 

Here's a sliver of truth from my life to help me say what I mean:

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