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Today marks my 570th day of motherhood! I'd like to consider myself an old pro, but aside from the fact that the once-frequent "is she breathing?!" checks have subsided, everything looks about the same as it did on day one. Some days I look at my hair in the mirror and get a little scared as I remember the infrequency with which I now shower. Here are some of my shining moments as a mother:

  • One day last week (and almost every day since then) Edith's head got stuck between a table chair and the wall. I think she's doing it on purpose.
  • Edith knows all of the songs by heart from the youtube videos that come up first for the search term "baby videos".
  • Despite my valiant aspirations, somehow I have done both of the following: brought her shoeless to the grocery store, and had strangers tell me she has a runny nose.
  • Lastly, to top it off, Edith says about 15 words. The one she says most clearly is, "WINE."

These, among others, are the moments that have also allowed me to connect most with other mothers. Both so I can learn from them, and also to be encouraged to be a better mom.

One of these moms is mother to this little dumpling, who I had the joy of photographing as a newborn also. She is simply adorable.

And, if you're a mom and you feel like you're having one of those days where motherhood is forcing you to choose between peace of mind and peace of hair, think of me, and know it's probably been longer since I've showered. 



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