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We are Tim and Rachel Magree. Our desire is to illuminate the goodness and beauty in your life and ours. 

We are Ohioans, born and bred in the city of Columbus. We met because our sisters set us up, which worked out well. Our heads were deep in the clouds of our separate creative dreams and we never would have had the sense to find one another on our own. 

We married a year later at the church where we were both raised, and then danced the night away with our huge German-Irish-Italian families in a high school gymnasium.


We specialize in wedding photography, and are consistently inspired by the couples we serve. The integrity, faithfulness, and all-around fantastic dance moves we are invited to capture remind us that every love story is both universal and intensely unique.

When we aren’t shooting weddings and engagements, we also shoot family portraits, corporate culture and food photography.


We specialize in wedding invitation and branding design, logo design and branding, and marketing material design and strategy.

the reason

Our objective is to simply capture the goodness that is always there in plain sight, to freeze the moments that bring joy and fulfillment to the lives of those living them.

Find us on any given day in our house in the woods wearing worn-in jeans, nestled on the couch reading fairy stories with our two red-headed girls or twirling around to Tim’s latest rendition of Stevie Wonder on the piano. We’re always on the brink of unearthing some spontaneous adventure near or far, cameras always in hand.

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