The Welsh Family :: Family Photo, Columbus, Ohio

Some people like to start off their days with lists. So, here's a list for you:

  1. Me: "This is DEEElicious"...Edith: "Dis DOOO gee jiss!"
  2. Me: "Want a nectarine?"...Edith: "I wanna necky necky."
  3. Me: "Oh my gosh."...Edith: "Oh by dosh."

The bottom line is, I think Edith is the cutest ever. 

BUT sometimes I encounter babies that make me forget all of my preferences for my own baby and be swooned by another.

This baby is one of those babies :-)

I was fortunate to shoot Caitlin and Jack's wedding a couple of years ago, and then smitten by their little one in his newborn photo shoot, and now taken again by the three of them a year later!

Words need not precede their cuteness, but I had to confess.



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