Rachel + Aaron :: Wedding Photo, Columbus, Ohio

Long exposure - these are the words I'd like to use to talk about Rachel and Aaron's wedding day. 

This is a photography term, which you may know, to describe a technique used to take photos where there isn't a lot of light, so the camera opens its eyes for longer to take in as much as it can and capture an image.

The issue is, if anything is moving, it usually looks like it's leaving a little blur-trail - you've seen those photos of the sky at night where the stars are all blurred into thin glowing lines of in the deep blue. There it is: long exposure.

This is something that new photographers (me) do when they first get a camera. They fumble through the dials to increase the exposure time and take a photo of their siblings jumping around holding flashlights (happened). Well, call me a dork (also happens) but I've been getting into these again lately. Any time I find myself in the dark taking photos, I've been trying this and loving what comes out.

Well, I found that at this wedding, there was so many good people and beautiful things around me to observe, that I had to do what felt like keep my eyes open for longer to soak it all in. 

Having just met Aaron and Rachel and their families in person that morning, the good character kept unfolding as the day progressed. The the pastor's prayer meaningful, best man and maid of honor toasts so solid and honoring, the words shared from all corners were sincere and caring. 

But I really had to keep my eyes open until the very, very end of the evening. The bouquet and garter had been tossed, the cake cut, and dancing was well underway. But it was there, deep in the party portion of the evening that my favorite part of the day came out. From voices belted to Toto to amazing song requests from the mother of the bride (may have been Turn Down for What, but I'm not revealing anything :-) , the dance quality here was bursting 10.

But I don't need to go on - you can see it in the photos, especially the long exposure :-)



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