Zach + Nina :: Wedding Photography Columbus, Ohio


That's mainly what I have to say in regards to this wedding. It was most definitely the spiciest wedding I've ever photographed, and possibly ever been to. 

I met Zach a long time ago through other weddings I'd shot. (In fact, I discovered a couple days before the wedding that our moms knew one another years and years ago...#catholictiesrundeep). I met Nina, though, for the first time when shooting their engagement photos earlier this year. Nina is from Venezuela and, apart from being so much fun to photograph, was also gracious in allowing me to exercise my love for speaking (altogether stumbling) in Español.

One of my favorite things about Z + N was witnessing how their personalities and cultures so harmoniously blended into one. The proof lies in my favorite moments of the reception, where both Zach's family from the US and Nina's family straight from Venezuela filled the room: a giant beer mug (GIANT) passed around to everyone, bilingual toasts, something called "crazy hour" where everyone danced to music from all over the world and wore costumes...but most, most, 

most of all...

the spicy dancing.

It's always a bittersweet moment when it's time for us to leave a wedding. We are sad and happy to wrap up a full day of good photo taking, and then also filled with excitement to go and pick up Edith and squeeze her. When it came time for Tim and I to leave this reception, we simply didn't want to. I was filled with strong desires to keep watching all the amazing latin dancing, but also with visions of me having one ounce of the rythm and coordination to imitate what was happening around me. I kept mentally running through scenes from the movie "Dance With Me" (one word: Cheyenne) and told Tim we were renting it stat when we got home. We did.



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