Jordan and Matthew :: Wedding Photo, Columbus, Ohio

...Maid-of-Honor Toast / Best Man Toast / Groom Toast...

I always love it when the reception schedule for the wedding we're photographing looks like this. It's always a treat to hear from the bride and/or groom at their wedding, smitten and joy filled in this climax of a moment.

The words shared by the groom and this wedding were particularly inspiring to me. He said, and I paraphrase, "I'm grateful to both of our parents, married some 60 years total between the two couples. It is because of you that Jordan and I get to stand here."

It's that cyclical, engendering, never-ending fount of indestructibility. Indestructibility. Life that gives life that gives life that gives life that....

I realized all in a moment the opportunity that my husband and I have - that all couples have - to plant the seeds of tireless self-gift that enable their children and those all around them to do the same.

At risk of a wedding photographer sounding a little obsessed, I will say without restraint that every single wedding I witness is an invigorating slice of encouragement to me. It's an encouragement not only to recommit to my own marriage, but to recommit to every relationship in my life. This groom made it clear how important it is - that each choice I make to serve the other person is one little shard of glass in a life-long mosaic that is a proof that fulness and joy are on just the other side of that sharp pang of self-denial.

So, Matthew and Jordan, here's to the beginning of your many seed-spreading years.



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