Nancy + Jeff :: Wedding Photo, Columbus, Ohio

I've always considered Tim and I to be competitive. We're not only this way individually, but also against one another. If it takes me one hour at the grocery store, it only makes the trip more fun for him to do it in fifty minutes. If he takes 670 West to get to his mom's house, I like to see if I can beat him by taking a different way. This is all fun and games, of course, until all of the sudden we're not speaking because I also happen to be extremely sensitive and will most likely take losses [against my husband] personally. Who knew marriage could make me so emotional?

Well, we were set in our place as competitives at the last wedding we shot. This couple literally met playing ultimate frisbee and every other person we met at their wedding is from a league they've played in together! The favors were frisbees and there was a tiny little mini frisbee in the pie they cut.

I mean, I hate to admit defeat, but we've got nothing on them.

Amidst wonderful friends and family (many of whom we'd met before at Jeff's brother's wedding last fall), it was invigorating to witness this community of people. Good people abound in this group, and it was great fun to be in the middle of them for the day.

And this day! It was gorgeous. The park was brimming with roses in full bloom and the ceremony felt like something out of A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was simply radiant.

I'm not going to lie, Tim and I were really hoping we'd leave with a frisbee (really though, there's been one on my Amazon list for about a year) but I was afraid that if I got my hands on one someone might ask me to throw it, revealing my mediocre skills. Failure by competitiveness, once again :-)



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