Susanna Joy :: Newborn Photo, Columbus Ohio

I believe Susannah, the little squish in these photos, will one day win some sort of award for being the most compliant human being. I've never taken photos of an infant who cooperated. I've taken photos of happy infants, and well-rested infants, and well-fed infants, but Susannah was, like, participating! I would practically say, "smile!" and she'd smile. There she was saying, "Did you want my left arm here?" at 24 hours old. 

That said, I love taking photos of infants, no matter their mood. Photo sessions always provide me a right of passage into such an intimate environment with the people I'm photographing, but infant sessions always do this in a special way. Mom and baby are at their raw-est. One is stunned by joy, the other stunned by the world, and both are wrapped in the swaddling clothes of blessed exhaustion. This sight makes me more sympathetic to humanity as a whole every single time, praise God.

You've seen it, too, I'm sure.



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