The Other Boyden's :: Family Photo, Columbus, Ohio


One of my favorite things about taking photos and having lots of siblings is that I can employ a healthy dose of guilt and passive aggression when they ask anyone but me to take their photos. It's one of those awkward joys.

Just kidding. I would be a terrible person if I had thoughts like that!

What I really meant to say is that one of my favorite things about taking photos is that sometimes, I have the pleasure of being asked to photograph one of my siblings and their family. And here's what's so good about this. I'm also blessed that I call my siblings my best of friends, and as a result, I know them better than I know anyone else.

But here's the good part: This means that when I'm looking at one of my siblings through the camera, I can tell, without any shadow of doubt, that I've caught them at their best. I know this because I've seen them in their best and in their worst and much of what's in between. For a few of them, I've even seen many their different flickers of expressions of satisfaction and happiness, and in that photo above, this is my sister, Anna's, most peaceful, satisfied expression of happiness.

Buy you know, you could probably see that now, too.



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