The Boyden's :: Family Photo, Columbus, Ohio

Yesterday Tim and I had a conversation about modern feminism. I'll spare you the details, but I will say that I am so very grateful to be surrounded by women who are marked by these characteristics: humility despite experience and education, self-denial despite strong desire, submission out of trust, boldness despite fear,  persistence even in exhaustion, gentility mysteriously paired with zeal, and last [but not although truly] least, pure style.

But that's not all. What's also so very relevant is that in most cases for each women, there is a man nearby who bears beautifully complimentary characteristics, blending together in a symphonic and miraculous movement we call family.

This surrounded-ness in my life is a good portion of the reason why I love, despite the stresses it brings, to take photos of marriages and families. It's a feast day for each victory of human virtue through the lens, and I'm re-convicted every single time I snap the shutter (and I'll shoot anywhere from 1,500 to 4,000 photos in one wedding day...that's a lot of conviction.)

The couple in these photos is the brother and sister in law of two of my brothers-in-law (confused? Don't try to figure it out. Read about this phenomenon of familial ties here.) They, along with their kids, could be one of the boldest examples of this wonder. The first time I met them, they shared with me their beautifully intimate conversion story as a family and I was in tears. The first time I met them! 

It's appropriate that today is Tuesday of Holy Week, because it is a holy reality, the self-sacrifice that whirs back and forth in families like these. This week, for those moments that I mainly just want to scream at my husband or daughter, I'll think of the people like those in these photos and hope I can act on the inspiration.

Enjoy, and I wish you a most joyful Easter!


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