The Last Boyden's (No, Really. I Promise.) :: Family Photo, Columbus, Ohio

This post serves as the third in a series I've just now entitled, "The Boyden's: A Global Family". This isn't the title because it's a progressive idea of how to approach familial issues with a global mindset. It's the title because I've come to be convinced that, in some way, we're really all Boyden's (and we should be proud).

This is the first post in the series: The Boyden's

This is the second post in the series: The Other Boydens

(Prequel: Boyden Family Photo )

These photos are of my sister, Rebekah, and her husband, Adam, who take the credit for uniting my family with the Boyden family. Rebekah married Adam, then my sister Anna married Dominic, then my brother Matt and his wife and kids and my sister Elizabeth and her husband and kids basically just married their entire families into the Boyden family. My husband Tim and I were in like seven Boyden wedding parties, so that counts us in, too.


I want to take a moment to address Miriam's expression in the photos above and below. There's really nothing I can say about it. It's like a mic drop photo. So, I guess, there it is.



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