Williams Family Photo 2016 :: Family Photo, Colmbus, Ohio

Edith is going through a phase that sort of [really] puts me on edge lately. Let me demonstrate:


Me: Do you want a peanut butter and jelly, Edith?

Edith: Yes!

I make sandwich, smash it for an easy fit in small mouths, cut it in quarters with care, and give it to her.

Edith: Nooo.

Me: Okay...Do you want pasta, Edith?

Edith: Yeah!

I microwave left over pasta, salt it like she prefers, let it cool down to perfect toddler eating temp, and give it to her.

Edith: Noooooo.

This goes on with several other foods, including pickles, olives, chips, peanuts, until finally she tells me she wants a cookie. She eats nothing and screams. I eat everything and cry.


What do I do? It's an unsolvable mystery, toddler eating. Or so I think. This phase was driving me out of my mind until one day when Edith spent some time with my sister Elizabeth and her kids while I was at an appointment. I walk in, and Elizabeth, among other Edith updates, says ultra-simply, "she's in that toddler eating phase. You just giver whatever 'til she eats it." I stand there in amazement. Of course! You just go along with it! You're the adult! Choose simple foods! Let it happen! Don't sweat it. Brilliant. 

This moment of the sage imparting her knowledge on the ignorant has happened at least a hundred other times between my sister Elizabeth, mother extraordinaire of seven, and me, hyper-rookie first time mom. She's the ultimate go-to, and I'm unavoidably grateful to have her a short and frantic text away.

Elizabeth has also been the one to call me and ask me to take her family's photos more times than any other one person. (Here in 2014 and here in 2015, just to show a few.) Her support and encouragement have allowed me to unlock so much enjoyment and gratification from taking photos, and I'm so very grateful for her.



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