The Dematte's :: Family Photo, Columbus, Ohio

This fantastic day of photo-taking had several highlights. I will list a few of them (in no particular order):

- Liliana's personality (the smallest and bounciest one in all of these photos) and the fact that I'm certain her entire life must be one big photo-op

- A church decorated with Easter lilies just in time (literally) for us to arrive and take wonderfully Easter-joy-filled first communion photos

- Shine, then rain, then shine, then rain, and a full batch of beautiful photos even still

- Stopping for a secret hamburger midway through the shoot (don't tell!)

And this is only a snippet of what made the day so much fun. But really, what made it so great was that I was able to capture stills - paused moments - of a family whose life is a constant movement towards glory to God. Each glance is an exhortation to live fully and intensely! So good.



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