words and letters

by Sarah Reis

is it buzzing or ticking,
dripping or coughing,
no, the faintest of humming, deities tuned in to the station
we share a breath from feet away.

the things untouched are often the sweetest,
the grandest paintings, the feeblest of china,
we protect what can break,
an honor of fragility and everlasting beauty.

we've no organ or choirs in starched cotton,
we do not join in with the harp and the lyre.
but we share a blossoming and fledgling love.
this we fly unto you, our mother.

My dear friends, I have a most delightful surprise for you: a poem, written by a poet named Sarah Reis, a very talented, dear friend of mine. A one-of-a-kind type. And today is her birthday. Say hello to her here.

Today is a study on words and letters, on how to combine them, mold them and let ideas flow through them. Disfrútense.

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