All I wanted for Christmas...

...was a portrait lens.

What I didn't realize until I used it, is that portrait lenses have magical powers (now grouped with #Gandalf #Hermione and #CreditCards). They do, really.

It was an adventure to find that the the secretly wielded power of the portrait lens (SWPPL) is that it introduces you to someone in a whole new way, just like one of those unforgettable cup-of-coffee conversations with an old friend. You know what I mean.

This time, my lens introduced me to people I've know since they were brand new (one of them, still brand new). To capture their wonderfully exhilarated, rosie-cheeked personalities was a feat. I had to pin each of them down from various activities, including the massive 10-foot snowman building (encouraged by my brothers, their dads), the pulling one another behind the tractor on multiple strung-together plastic sleds (encouraged by my brothers, their dads) and the trying to throw snow balls at my new magical portrait lens (encouraged by no-one, promptly ended by the dreaded Mean Aunt Face).

So, enjoy meeting these beautiful joy-filled people. I hope you'll find yourself joyful afterwards; I always find that I am.

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