The Grad Bash



That's the number of people we tallied out with a pencil on a napkin this week in the great wind-down from the great graduation bash. 168 people there to celebrate the graduation of my little sister Natalie. (Thanks to all for coming!!)

Natalie is 19. She is 5 feet tall. She is the baby whisperer. She can make you happier than you were before in no-time-flat. She is a joy to everyone who meets her. I'm so grateful to be her sister!

The celebration went off without a hitch, including a flash mob, a fantastic speech from the graduate, about 20 lbs of pulled pork (of which we will be enjoying leftovers for the next year) and oodles of square dancing. A true shin dig.

We did lots of prep leading up to the party, including a little DIY action: we created some gigantic letters out of recycled cardboard to spell "CONGRATS NAT!" You can see the finished product on Pinterest here! They turned out splendidly, thanks to a team effort from my sister Anna (the featured model :-).

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