A Real Pile


I love that part in the book Where The Wild Things Are, when the little boy Max talks about he and his monster friends sleeping in a "real pile."

I'm reminded of it sometimes after a I have (or, "survive" might be more appropriate) a weekend like the one I just had, when 1:30AM is full of slap-happy jokes, microwaved left-overs, and an inevitable pile of sleeping children on the carpet or couch or window seat or any horizontal surface. 

Don't call child services. Don't be alarmed. This is normal living when the goodness of family is bursting through. This weekend we had bunches of family and friends over to celebrate Natalie's graduation and you could catch the joy in the air with a butterfly net. 

Family is one of the things for which I'm most full-up with gratitude, which is why I love taking wedding photos. It's the fresh new family-of-two's very first celebration. Goodness.

These two people in particular are a gem of a new family! It was evident all day that, for them,  marriage means commitment and sacrifice and joy all bound up by a sincere love for one another. I had the privilege of teaming up with my wonderfully talented photog-friend, Nicole Floetker, to catch it on camera. Thank you, Nico!

(More on this weekend's graduation shin dig to come!)

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