One, Two, Three, Gratitude


Have you ever felt the feeling of gratitude? I hope so. It's a truly human sentiment. It's really an over-generalized term for what I'm about to describe, but it's there nonetheless. 

The family pictured here is the first I ever had the pleasure of photographing. Before I even knew I loved doing it, Kate consistently called me to take photos of her family. She called a first, but then a second and a third time as seasons passed and as the family grew. And with the third time I found myself enjoying the opportunity not only to take pictures, but to tell a story...the story of family.

So, it's for Kate and her husband Jon that I am grateful today. Thank you for helping me discover the meaning of joy in telling a story with a photo!

p.s.  Did you know gratitude is eucharisteo in Greek? Thus, eucharisteo is a favorite word of mine, but it wasn't until I learned about it in book about how giving thanks can change your life. It's called One Thousand Gifts, by a hero-blogger called Ann Voskamp. Take a minute to peruse her blog. You'll be inspired, without question.

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