We've Got Columbus


Autumn chill. Hot Cocoa. A troupe of photographers.

Have you any idea how the combination of those three things can really make an October Saturday morning incredible? And it all took place in Columbus. Let me tell you: Columbus, Ohio is the heart of the Heart of It All. Seriously. Don't let anybody tell you different[ly]. We've got Jeni's homemade ice cream. We've got the Buckeyes. We've got Jacks (Hanna and Nicklaus).  We've got construction on all of the major highways (who doesn't love traffic, right? Just plan to be fashionably late).

All of this made today's participation in the World Wide Photo Walk completely wonderful. It was a joy to wander around downtown with good (and talented!) company and cameras. Thanks to Shanna for introducing me to what I hope will be a tradition!

p.s. If you have Kenny Rogers in your head after reading the title of this post, we are, unfortunately, kindred spirits.

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