Michael + Libby :: Wedding Photography, Columbus, Ohio

I told him to tell her a secret. It must have been a good one.

The maid of honor made reference in her speech to her first impression of Michael: she wondered if he ever wore something other than gym clothes. In my laughter along with the rest of the crowd at Libby and Michael's reception, I admired the couple for the implied simplicity in their love for one another. Dressing down means being genuine, means not trying to impress, means being raw and accessible, means love that is not pretentious. 

Tim shaved his beard for the first time in four years to celebrate the beginning of the summer. So, for the past four weeks he's been making the slow climb back to the bearded Tim we all know and love. (The girls were a little afraid of him upon first seeing his bare face.)

But, as he's been traveling through the various stages of stubble, I've been realizing how much I love him. The last time he shaved it we were newly married, fresh out of our May wedding. Memories of that first summer have crept in with different glances at him, mostly when he's got a baby on his hip while he's setting the dinner table and dodging lego towers underfoot.

The contrast of how our life was then to how it is now is strong at moments (diapers, carseats), but barely there in others, only taking shape in the form of four years' worth of wrinkles around our eyes that have smiled and cried from joy so much.

But his shaven face, reminding me so much of that first honeymoon summer, has helped me to realize how our admiration for one another has become more and more genuine as the years have passed. It has become less pretentious, less concerned with impressing, more raw and genuine. 

Libby and Michael, may you enjoy the treasure that you already possess, so early in your marriage, that raw and genuine love you have for one another. It will change the world.



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