Christie and Ben - Engagement Photo, Columbus, Ohio


The forecast for this session almost made us cancel it.

"Thirty-mile-an-hour winds aren't ideal," I said.

I'm so glad we didn't. 70 degrees. Sunny and serene. It turned out to be the first warm and wonderful spring day of the year and oh what a gift it was.

Ohio, you mysterious fool, we all love you.

This session was simply satisfying. I know Christie and Ben through a handful of different threads and relationships in our community here in Columbus, but this little window of time was a long-anticipated hour carved out to spend time with just these two.

We talked about wedding plans, favorite dates, cactuses, and dream jobs. I had a premonition I would feel this way, but I left feeling inspired to infuse my life with more intentionality, patience and simple joy, knowing that's what I'd found planted in these two.

Ben and Christie, you're both wonderful and I can't wait to witness your wedding in the winter!

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