The Marchi Family :: Family Photo, Columbus, Ohio

Did you know that you're supposed to wash your makeup brushes regularly with baby shampoo?

Well you are. And this is something I never knew until I met my friend, Angela. I've done this once in my four years of owning makeup brushes (these ones, for example, on Amazon from Oprah's Fav. Things) . I have sincere aspirations of washing them, I really do. (Please don't tell Angela.)

Angela is a friend of mine who is my go-to person for all things good makeup product. She's like a walking talking catalogue of every good Pinterest pin, blog post or magazine article you've read on how to take care of your skin and face. 

Fun friend history fact: Angela put all of this knowledge to use on me on my wedding day, which was such a joy. It was an education for me, for sure. We can say this: There were the products I used before that day, and then there were all the products Angela told me to use on that day. I've bought Angela's recommendations ever since. (See photos evidence of this below, thanks to Lydia Ruth Photography.)

And, my other favorite thing about Angela, is that she has asked me to help her document the life of her precious little daughter over the past year. Clara is...[see cuteness in photos]. I've grown to love when I get a text from her to document a milestone.

So thank you, Angela, for all of your makeup hacks and all of your beautiful daughter's sweetness!



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