Amanda & Andrew :: Wedding Photo, Columbus, Ohio


Christmas is officially twelve days away. 

This year has been a wild one. Our daughter turned two, Marcella Rose came (a little early...minor detail) and we photographed more weddings than ever before.

There have been moments when I laid wide awake, stiff as ever and pleaded with Tim to cancel all of my commitments. There were moments when Tim simply couldn't figure out how to wrap up the bounce (picture a grown man fighting with a giant paper plate). There were wedding photos, 30 person family photos, 30-hour-old newborn photos and stacks of pancake photos. There were moments when we collapsed on the couch after a long day of shooting, looked at one another and in pure and fulfilled peace knew that we'd saddle up and do it again in joy.

This wedding was one for the books. The families uniting here were wonderful - both the bride and groom full of talent, not only devoted to their work but also possessing an evident devotion to one another. On top of this, this was a wedding I had the pleasure of second shooting with the photographer who shot our wedding. Her name is Lydia Campbell and she's simply wonderful. (Check out her website below!)

I'm writing all of this because I'm shooting a wedding on December 23rd this year. It's nestled right in the middle of cozy, Christmas preparation and family time. It's only fitting for us, I think, that this venture and the people who it serves that has become so characteristic of our little family's life at this moment in time, should play a role in our most quiet family days of the year.

After all, that's what these photos celebrate, the people in them and the families they've formed - the families that shape the world we're raising our little ones to live in.

Stay tuned. I'm excited to be announcing not only some new projects for the new year, but also updates from three weddings over the next month!



Photographer: Photography by Lydia

Videography: Stitched Cinema


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