The Schmitt Family :: Family Photo, Columbus, Ohio


Welcome back to the blog, Rachel. This is officially the first post that has been published since the birth of my little #2 and here we are, over two months later. I'm happy to see things are somewhat where I left them, but hopefully not for long! (I'm working with some amazing creative people to give this space a face-lift.. more to come.)

I'm also hoping to post a little summation of our journey of bringing our new little one in the world, as bumpy-then-smooth as it was. Fingers crossed. My to-do list vanishes into the newborn cuddle sometimes.

I'm simply smitten with the families I was able to photograph during my Fall Family Mini Sessions. After a too-long hiatus from being behind the lens, I felt like I jumped in with both feet, hauled hay-bales and pumpkins and was all filled up with joy afterwords thanks to these wonderful families.

These little ones were altogether too cooperative, and they made everything easy with their bright and smiling faces.




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