Yarmesch Family Photo :: Family Photo, Columbus, Ohio


Today I was flooded with this memory. My old basement in our house on Hearthstone Ave where I grew up. Giant square of maroon carpet. Green sectional couch. Toy baskets neatly shoved to the edge of every inch of perimeter of the room.

My two sisters, our neighbor and I are there pretending, for the seven-thousandth time, to act out every scene from Beauty and the Beast. Our parts were most definitely chosen based on seniority: Our neighbor got to play Belle (maybe because she was the guest?), my older sister was the Beast (a very begrudging yet elegant Beast), I played Lumiere and my younger sister got stuck with Cogsworth. Occasionally our roles would require us to swing back and forth from Mrs. Potts and Chip, but we definitely saw it as an honor to play all of the household items.

There you have it. A pretty much cookie-cutter memory from every child who lived through the nineties. 

Now, these two little boys would make excellent Chips, but only because he's the cutest, roundest, happiest, bounciest member of the cast. They most certainly bear all of these characteristics and more. I am always grateful to this family allowing me to photograph them! I've followed them with a camera on their wedding day and through several photo shoots as a family





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