Anne + Charlie :: Wedding Photo, Columbus, Ohio


You know that April feeling when you walk outside and you're not expecting a warm breeze, but it blows across your cheeks and you're filled with flutters of excitement for the summer? That was Anne and Charlie's wedding. I was taken off-guard by the kind, serene and fun group of people that gathered to celebrate the marriage of two people that embodied those same characteristics.

At this wedding, the maid of honor and best man's speeches said it all - so much class and so many good stories. Hats off to this group! I love it when two goods come together to make a whole new bundle of good. It's what it's all about, people. Marriage is bliss. 

Also, this was my first wedding of the year. I stressed over it enough to make my husband a little crazy (or a lot crazy). It is the longest stretch of time that I've ever left my baby, and I was sure the worst was going to happen (ie, she'd starve, choke, break a bone, cry until she....?, stop breathing, we'd both name it, I thought it.) But it was beautifully peaceful. And while my husband and daughter were enjoying the day together, I got to work alongside the wonderfully talented and rock solid Tyler Lieser and the amazingly outfitted Jon Scott (Jon hearts gear and is a video whiz! Can't wait to link his stuff!)



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