MacKenzie + Joe :: Wedding Photo, Columbus, Ohio

If you would like to know more about me, this story will help. Two things: (1) I hate cleaning and (2) I like it when things are clean because I'm neurotic [internal conflict meter alarm blaring]: 

I don't like cleaning bathrooms. I really don't. My husband doesn't either. So, when it comes to that terrible, dreaded, wow-its-been-a-month moment and it's my turn, I have to gear myself up to get in there and do it.

So, this time, I went to the dollar store and bought a squeegee. Why, you ask? Well, have you ever used a squeegee? It's the most satisfying thing. The nice, straight streaks that separate the clean from the dirty. So, I knew that if I had the squeegee I could look forward to cleaning the bathroom in order to see all the clean streaks of mirror, and we have a pretty wide stretch of mirror in our 70s-built bathroom. So, it worked. The bathroom cleaning was bad, but I did it because I wanted to see the clean streaks.

Cha-ching! Behavioral therapy, people.

So, if you can't relate to this story, I'm sorry you've read it and you're probably concerned about me. Don't be. I'll drink decaf coffee and it'll even things out.

If that story reveals anything about me, the photos of this group are even more telling of their fun-loving and hearty character. It was a blast to be with them to celebrate.



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