Help Found

I love taking photos. Every time I've sat down to my computer over the past six weeks, I look at my desktop and let my cursor hover over my memory card folder, contemplating whether I can put off to-do's. Alas, each time I've decided instead to spend time in what has become my best friend, a little file affectionately entitled "Master Plan.xls".

But blessings abound! While there are many to-do's, family and friends have been unbelievably helpful, allowing for moments adorned with coffee, cookies and beautiful sunsets in the evenings.

One of the most fun projects of wedding planning thus far has been the invites. We had a small assembly party that was altogether a blast, despite the fact that it felt a tiny bit like a sweatshop towards cutting the 215th glittery piece of twine. (Seriously. I find myself having "I get by with a little help from my friends..." in my head 95% of the time.) Pics to come...

Countdown: 46 days


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