Sisters, Showers and Storytime

Sisters are amazing. Have I said that yet? Every day my gratitude grows. I could go on and on about each of mine.

My sister Rebekah is having her first baby, a new chapter in a life story that is just amazing. (Should you ever get to hear it, you would find yourself inspired and encouraged.)  She told me the other day that being pregnant has filled her with so much joy. She said it with words just then, but her actions say it every day I see her in some way.

My sisters Elizabeth and Anna have made a profession of throwing showers. Baby. Wedding. Bachelorette Parties. More Weddings. More Babies. If the showers actually involved water, we could have filled Lake Erie with the amount of showers that went down this year. If Lebron James is good at Basketball, my sisters are the Lebron James (back in Cleveland, of course) of showers. The thing is, it's beautiful. Women supporting women. What a foundational, beautiful thing it is, all adorned with powder-sugar topped, gluten-free lemon cakes. 

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