Oliver :: Newborn Photos - Columbus, Ohio


Motherhood. I'm knee-deep in a phase of my life when the word is being introduced to everyone around me...friends, sisters, cousins. It's the best to watch it unfold. Single life ("Drinks at 8:30 everybody! No budget!") into married life ("Double date? 8:30? Someplace cheap?") into parenthood ("Sorry, we'll be in bed by 8:30..."). Phew! #itsawonderfullife

Here I am, 38 weeks pregnant, and I'm about to watch it overcome my life and heart. When I try to think about how it will be, my head starts to spin. I just can't imagine it. But, what I do have is the experiences of those around me. This little bundle, Oliver, is a prime example. His mom and dad, my cousin and her husband, embraced all the newness and difficulty with open hearts. Even with all of the sleeplessness, the love just exudes. Isn't it a wonder, this mystery of bringing life into the world?


- Rachel

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